Why Learn Forex Trading?


Today, with rock bottom interest rates we are forced to take higher risks with our money to make it grow and if not, someone else will (i.e. your bank). And if you don’t do anything with your money you will lose it through inflation. 

There is little wonder why so many people today are utterly confused on what to do with their money.


Here are the typical investments people make

  • Real-Estate
  • Financial Paper Market (including Forex, futures, stocks, bonds)
  • Precious Metals
  • Businesses and partnerships
  • Farmland
  • Rare Art, Coins and Cars

Whichever one you chose to invest in, you must get educated. By speaking with people who have successfully made money in their respective fields, you will be learning from those who have the experience and hindsight you currently lack.

The stock market, although not for everyone, clearly has its advantages and disadvantages, much like all investments. For some it will be their fountain of wealth, while for others it will be a disaster.

Unlike real estate or much of the other investments out there, you do not require large amounts of capital to start trading in the foreign exchange market.

Combined with the benefit of working from home or practically anywhere in the world at any given time of day provides the convenience and freedom a lot people are searching for.


Our Free Trading Course


Our free educational Forex trading program will cover all the topics you need in order to get started in the Forex market.

The world of the Forex is large and complex, and profitability in the markets requires an in-depth knowledge of trading. It is a proven statistic in the industry that 90% of new traders do not make money in the markets. There is no need to be discouraged, for this same statistic applies to new businesses and start-ups, as well.

The solution is deceptively simple: those who follow the rules, maintain discipline and a strong work ethic, and seek a winning edge in the markets will eventually find success in the markets. Those who try to cut corners, will not.

“Treat trading as a hobby, and you will have hobby results.”

There are many trading courses online and many are exorbitantly overpriced, while others provide little to no real value. We decided that we want to give a valuable and actionable trading course for free so that everyone has resource access to make money in the markets.

This is possible thanks to our advertising partners from who we get our source of revenue to enable us to make a living from this website. 

This free Forex trading course is split in 2 parts. A beginner’s guide and a more advanced guide.


Forex Training for Beginners – Module 1


The first part will introduce you to the world of Forex Trading and provide you with the following information:


The Advanced Forex Trading Training

In the Advanced Course, we go through three modules designed for you to learn the markets in a unique way.

For ease of reference in these modules we make reference to the two largest players in the forex markets as

  1. the “machines” and these refers to the computer algorithm robots, and
  2. “Agents of the FED” when we are referring to the central banks and large financial institutions institutions. This is a play on words as we refer to them as Agents of the Federal Reserve! 

Advanced Forex Module 2

In the first module, we explore the ‘knowledge‘ section of the markets: that is, how to read the language of the markets and how not to lose money. In other words, this is where we focus on advanced money management rules and learning how to read basic market structure.

In the First Module we look at the following topics:


Advanced Forex Module 3

The second module, we consider a deeper “understanding” of the markets. We focus on the execution and exits of trading and the understanding of how to place solid trades that are high probability ones.

In here you will learn how to read advanced market structure and other advanced trading strategies and concepts.

We will look at:


Advanced Forex Module 4

In the fourth and last section, we acquire “wisdom” about the markets. We explore the fundamental “truths” about the markets and the mindset of a successful trader, so as to provide you with a framework as to whether you should, or should not be, in the markets.

We also explore an in depth section regarding economics and how financial markets can be manipulated by the Central Banks. Looking out for this can give you a winning edge in your currency trading practice.

In this module we will learn:

Are You Ready to Start Your Journey into Forex?

Many websites provide a false hope of instant success and trading systems that promise success. Not only is this generally false, but what they are actually doing is trying to sell you a dream.

The difference between other trading courses and ours is that our site actually aims on delivering that dream by developing your language skills of the markets. By knowing how to read the clues that the market is communicating to you and how to identify high probability setups with statistic and mathematics to back up our strategy, you are better equipped to succeed.

ForexTrading-Online aims at providing the necessary knowledge for you to navigate through forex market complexities and be a consistent profitable trader.

In this educational course you will learn concepts and strategies that are implemented by professional traders around the world. However, knowing the information presented in this course alone will not necessarily make you a successful trader.

There are no guarantees in trading. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Besides being able to read the language of the markets, which in this course is called the “price action source code,” trading involves a certain degree of psychology that cannot be learned by reading a book. It must be practised with real life scenarios while up against players that have more money than you do.

Once you are finally able to read the charts, you must continue to work hard even after completing these lessons. You should have a mindset with one goal in mind: to win.

You have nothing to lose, but you do have a whole lot to gain with this knowledge. 

Now are you ready to dive in? Then start now!