About Us


Welcome to Forex Trading Online. I am John Doyle, an experienced international Forex trader, investor,  and coach.

I have over 15 years of experience with one of the world’s largest proprietary trading firms. I was trained to spot banks and large institutional money order flow in the markets and to trade alongside them. The method I used to make money in the markets is pure price action.

Nowadays I split my time between trading as an independent Forex trader and helping others to became successful traders.

I will not be alone on this online journey, however. Together with my colleagues we will share our experience and knowledge of the Foreign Exchange markets so that you, too, can benefit from it and hopefully be able to start making a profit from your online trading.

We will give you the guidance and tools you need to help you grow as much as possible. It will not be easy and you will need to work at it and have patience while you learn, however, if you really want to understand the world of the Forex Market and then you’re in the right place.

Who knows, maybe one day this might become your main source of income and you can make a decent living out of trading. Or maybe you just want to dabble in the market just for fun or to get some extra income on the side.

Our Mission


To provide the best content and value to aspiring traders so they can learn how to trade the markets like a pro.

Whatever your reason for being here, our goal is to make sure you know what you’re doing so as not to fall into pitfalls that have discouraged many a trader before you and cut their experience too short.

In the Forex market you will gain money from some trades and you will lose money on others . We do not promise consistent gains from all trades. No-one can achieve that and whoever tells you otherwise is misguiding you. A consistently winning trader never existed in the history of Forex trading or any other market for that matter.

What You Will Learn from Us


What we will show you is how to make more winning trades then losing ones so you end up with a net profit at the end of the day, month or year.

We will teach you how to cover your losses and how to set up your own personal Forex Trading strategy that is consistent with your risk appetite and within your budget.


Why We Do This


Under the Training section of this site you will find an extensive and detailed  Forex training course split in 2 main categories.

For beginners who are new to trading there are 10 Lessons that will introduce you to the world of Forex Trading and guide you through your first steps as a trader.

The second batch of lessons are for the more experienced traders who are looking for more advanced profitable strategies.

All Lessons on this website are free. Why?

Here are 3 reasons:

  1. We believe in the law of compensation: provide good value and you will receive in return as good as what you give.
  2. We have seen many good men and women lose lots of money from Forex Trading just because they didn’t have the necessary guidance. We want to make Forex Training available to everyone. Most other information out there is either too basic, or else too expensive to access. We want to give excellent Forex Courses for free, and how we do this brings us to the third point.
  3. Our business model is different from other Forex sites. We provide all resources for free and get compensated from advertisers for our work and for the funds to keep running this website and keep bringing new updates and information to our readers. So you can get access to our guides without having to pay a cent.